Bucket List

At some point every single day it hits me how lucky I am to be able to share one of the most important days of my couples' lives with them. And I get to document this and provide them with lasting memories! I've loved every single wedding I've been part of and I've met some fantastic people.

Today I got thinking about my goals for wedding photography and put together a little list, mainly places I'd love to visit with my photography. If you're having one of these weddings, I'm happy to cover your wedding for expenses only. I can't wait to go on more adventures and it's my ambition to travel more this year, so drop me an email if your wedding sounds like any of the below!

  • A wedding in France
  • A wedding in Italy
  • A beach wedding
  • A wedding in America
  • A wedding in a forest
  • A wedding in Greece
  • A wedding in Spain
  • A wedding in Germany
  • A wedding in Japan
  • A wedding in Hong Kong