I'm really excited you're going to be second shooting with me! If you can fill out the following form for me that'd be great. I'll send you an itinerary via email also confirming your fee so you'll have all the details you need.

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Terms and conditions
1. This is an agreement between parties Leah Lombardi hereinafter referred to as PRIMARY and the independent photographer whose name appears above, hereinafter referred to as SECOND. 2. The SECOND agrees to work for the PRIMARY as a work-for-hire independent contractor providing wedding photography related services on an ‘as needed’ basis. The SECOND is a freelance working for himself/herself therefore responsible for their own taxes. 3. In exchange for successful completion of assignments (and files) the SECOND will receive compensation. The amount of compensation will be agreed upon and confirmed, in writing, email and/or message, prior to the event date(s). 4. COPYRIGHT: All images are owned by the PRIMARY. However the SECOND may use images on social media if they provide credit to the PRIMARY. The SECOND may also use images on their portfolio and blog but may not sell these images commercially. Where possible credit must always be given to the PRIMARY. 5. USAGE: The SECOND must wait until they've gained approval from the PRIMARY to share images on social media and their website. 6. The SECOND is responsible for providing all of his/her own equipment with which to complete the assignments unless otherwise stated in writing. The PRIMARY requires that weddings be photographed in digital RAW file format and that all original digital RAW files are relinquished to the PRIMARY upon completion of the contracted job. If the SECOND needs more memory cards, they should let the PRIMARY know at least 2 weeks in advance. 7. INSURANCE: The SECOND is covered by the PRIMARY's insurance only for the day of the wedding assignment. This does not cover damage, theft or loss of the SECOND's equipment.