You're getting married abroad - how exciting!

I know how exciting planning a wedding abroad is - I've done the same thing! I got married in May in Italy, so you can feel reassured that I understand what's involved. You'll be getting a photographer and a destination wedding expert all in one!

It can be much cheaper than you think to bring a photographer along with you; there's no need to feel limited in your photographer search. If you like my work, I'd love to come along on your destination wedding adventure with you! I absolutely love catching a flight and to be able to combine my two great loves - travel and wedding photography - into one is incredible! I've travelled to so many different places in the last year for various photography assignments - Paris, Lisbon, Barcelona, Malaga, Berlin, Milan, Brussels. This year I've already got Tuscany, Vienna and Berlin (again) on the list so I'd love to add your wedding to that!

So how does it work?

In terms of cost, it's fairly simple - if you're getting married in Europe just add £100 on to my package price (plus an extra £100 if it's a package with a second shooter). If you're getting married anywhere else in the world, add £200 (plus an extra £200 if it's a package with a second shooter). And that's it - no other hidden costs! I told you it was cheaper than you thought.

Once you've booked (yay!) and paid your deposit, I'll book my flights and accommodation. I try and arrive a couple of days before your wedding, and if there's time it can be great fun to organise a mini pre-wedding shoot with you. I love exploring, so I'll spend a day or so getting to know the place.

So if your email to me begins with "Will you come abroad with us?" you can be assured my first response will be an excited "Yes!".

Drop me an email, I'd love to hear about your plans.

Current travel dates

January 2018
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